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What are the requirements for renting from Baystatephotobooth? 

We have a few different setups and can make almost any venue work. Events must be on a flat level surface within 50' of a single dedicated wall electrical outlet. Gold Package Setups with backdrop require a footprint of about 8' long, 6' wide and 9' tall, Silver package without backdrop requires a footprint of about 6' long, 6' wide and 6' tall.



What is Digital Delivery?

Digital Delivery allows guests to share their photos easily via email or text. This is a popular option and creates a fun and interactive way for guests to post to social websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. Digital Delivery requires a stable WiFi connection.


What type of printer is used for Instant Printing option?         


For events with printing, we use DNP DS-RX1 Pro Dye-Sublimation printers. This is the same printer used in many camera & photo stores and is often used to make holiday photo-cards. Photos print in just 16 seconds and can print 700 photo before reloading. Dye Sub is the best type of event printer because the photos print quickly, dry to the touch and do not smudge.


What are the layouts & custom logo?

We will work together to create a fun layout and create a custom logo for your event. Many of our clients have a logo already made and we can easily incorporate this in the design.


What is the Online Gallery?                     


The online gallery is accessible via the Clients Photos link from the main menu and is a password protected folder of event photos. The hiring client will receive a link and password for access and may share with whomever they like. This is especially useful for your guests who would like additional copies of their photos and for sharing. Photos are added to the galleries within 48 hours of the end time of event.


What is Idle Time?  


Idle time is any time when the booth is on location but not being used. For typical events, we arrive an hour prior to your event to setup the booth at no charge, however there a few instances when we must charge for idle time. Example 1: Lets say your plan your booth time to begin at 6:00 pm. This example event is a wedding and the ceremony is 4:00 and photos/cocktails are 5:00, you would like the booth setup at 3:00 so not to disturb your guests. This would result in 2 hours of idle time. Example 2: Lets say you booked a 4 hour package and wanted the booth to begin at 6:00 pm, then close at 8:00 for dinner, then reopen from 9:00-11:00. This would result in 1 hour of idle time.


Who owns the rights to the digital files?  

The hiring client retains the rights to the digital files. Bay State Photo Booth may use select photos for promotional purposes on social networking sites and our website. We will only use good, clean, fun photos and photos will be removed upon request.




What is included in the Props Package option?


Our Props Package consists of:

  • Fun Sign Boards

  • Featherless Boa's

  • Colored Sunglasses

Clients are always welcome to provide their own props for their photo-booth.


Can the photo booth be rented for outdoor use?


Not exactly a hard-no, but we highly discourage outdoor photo booths. Not only does the sun and wind wreak havoc and make for a non-ideal photo booth experience, but our unpredictable New England weather is always of great concern. We reserve the right to not setup and/or shut down early and/or move indoors with no compensation for time lost. We highly recommend indoor setups but are open to discussions on outdoor events provided our clients understand the risks. Once setup, we cannot provide refunds for outdoor scheduled events that are interrupted and/or cancelled due to weather.


What is the deposit to book our event ?


A $100 deposit is required to book your date for an attended photo booth. Should you cancel no less than 30 days prior to your event, the deposit will be returned.



My Question is not answered here.


Please use our Contact page and I will be happy to answer any and all questions.



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